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Group Health Insurance

As your independent health insurance agent, we can provide you a choice from among many different providers and can fully explain your various options. Insurance policies and laws are complex and are constantly changing. Using a broker does not cost any more than going directly to the carrier. We are local and will help you and your employees with any health insurance related issues that may arise. By working closely with you, we can help find the right benefit plan for your employees, while also meeting your budget needs.


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Group Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is usually the first policy to be added to the Employee Benefit package, after medical coverage. Dental insurance is an important benefit as the cost of seeing a dentist can add up. This policy helps pay a portion of the bills when an employee sees a dental provider. Making sure you have the right coverage and provider network, are the two most important decisions when choosing a carrier. We have partnered with the largest dental carriers in the industry, to make sure we have the right options, at the most competitive cost available for each group!

Group Life, Disability & Vision

Ancillary insurance rounds out the Employee benefit package, since it provides coverage for things that are still very important to an employee’s overall health, but which aren’t covered by the medical plan. Coverage may include life, vision and disability insurance. Purchasing these types of policies as a group will enable the employee to get the coverage at a much lower rate than if they were to acquire the various plans separately.

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